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Birthdate:Mar 11
Thranduil was born during the last violent century of the First Age, before Beleriand was torn apart and taken by the sea. He grew to his majority in the realm of the Nandor, Ossiriand, one of few Sindar to live in at the base of the mountains. His father, Oropher, had fled Doriath due to clashes with the Nodlor Thingol suffered and with the foresight that the realm would not last through the trials of the First Age.

Following the destruction of Beleriand, Ossiriand survived -- one realm out of a dozen, and was renamed Lindon. There he resided with his father, under the rule of the Noldorin High King Gil-galad and his herald Elrond Half-elven.

It is from this time Thranduil enters Milliways, between the destruction of Angband and before the building of Barad-dûr. It is only a few years before the decision to leave Lindon, when Oropher decides he has grown tired of living under a Noldorin King and seeks out his own realm to the east.

Appearance: Thranduil stands six feet, two inches. He has intense blue eyes and long, golden hair. His complexion is fair, his brows dark, and he has a smug air about him. While considered a Sindarin Prince, he wears only warrior garb. Formal robes are only donned when he has a function he must attend.

Canon post in Thranduil's journal: While in Milliways, Thranduil will work through the canon/life events listed in this journal entry.

Thranduil is from The Hobbit and the world of JRR Tolkien, and is the property of the Tolkien Estate. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar and [info]beyond_arda, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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